Bespoke Brick, Ceramic and Terracotta Products

Examples of bespoke bricks, ceramic an terracotta products

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If you are looking for someone to manufacture a special product or looking for a personalized item, be it a one-off or a production run into the millions, look no further.

Working with our partners in Europe and India we can bring to the market the product you need at a highly competitive price. Our partners can produce practically any brick or terracotta item, any electrical ceramic insulator or any brick or tile refractory item for use in high temperature ovens. We try, where possible, to source our supplies from small independent and family run businesses as these tend to be more responsive to customer requirements and take more care with their products.

All we require from you is a technical drawing of the desired piece in a pdf or other format or send us a specimen piece and then leave it to us.

If you require personalized plates, bowls or cups with the name of your restaurant or cafe, we have the contacts to bring your ideas to fruition.

Using specialised freight agents, we can ship your item to anywhere in the world at a competitive price, either by sea or air.

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