Dakshitha Enterprises – Ishan Clay Products – Lakshana Lakshana

Warning! These businesses are a scam!!

This page is on our website in the hope that google will bring it to the attention of anyone who does a search on these two Indian businesses. Run by a criminal who goes by the name of Shankar Chandhrans or Shankar Nithya, this person runs an operation called Dakshitha Enterprises from an address – 39/67, Langarkana Street, Poomarket, Coimbatore-641001, Tamil Nadu, India, it is not known if Ishan Clay Products have actually made anything but they do have a legitimate looking website – www.ishanclaypots.com – and appear to have a couple of offices. They even boast about “Fair trading practices”!! They have a Facebook page ‘Lakshana Lakshana’ which is part of the face of respectability they portray.

In 2018, we received some samples of pots from this person at our request and seeing they were of average use and the price was reasonable we placed an order with them. This outfit never sent us anything for our money so please beware when dealing with them, they will take your money and you will not see any goods. We have been contacted by other businesses who have fallen into this trap as well. You have been warned!

If you require further information on this subject please feel free to contact us.

These businesses are a scam, hoping this page appears in results for anyone doing a search. Stay away from Shankar Chandhrans or Lakshana Lakshana & Dakshitha Enterprises Coimbatore and especially Ishan Clay Products….