Your data and its safeguarding……

Here at Terracotta World we take the subject of data protection seriously. With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 we ensure your data is safeguarded.  The only information we temporarily store on our systems is that entered by you when ordering goods. This data allows us to process your order and deliver it to you. This order information needs to be passed to a delivery company in order for them to deliver the goods ordered to you. We may pass such information such as email addresses and contact phone numbers to such companies in order to for them to keep you informed of the progress and expedite your delivery. Once delivered we delete this information from our system and the only digital record of your purchase that is kept is your surname and amount paid for accounting purposes. The order information is stored securely in the website in case it needs to be reviewed by the appropriate legitimate authorities such as HMRC. This information will be kept for the minimum legal period of 5 years.

We never give out, sell or let anyone look at this information who is not legally entitled to do so. We do not have access to any payment information other than your registered Paypal email address, we have no access to your card details, bank information, account numbers etc. We occasionally need to retrieve a contact number from the information entered into Paypal by you to contact you regarding a delivery difficulty. If we are processing an order made through a third party website such as Ebay or Amazon we will use the information provided to us by those parties to process and deliver your order in the manner above.

We do not email you, send periodicals,  do newsletters or mailshots, send brochures, spam or send other electronic promotions unless you have specifically asked us to send you something, we believe your inbox (like ours) is probably already creaking under the weight of other companies spam and adding to it wins us no friends……..

If you have any questions about the storing of your data please contact the data protection manager via the ‘Contact Us’ page.