Helping planet Earth

Like nearly all businesses, we do, to a certain extent, have an impact on our world. We try to minimalise this in the following ways:-

  • Most of our suppliers use wood as a fuel for their kilns
  • Most suppliers air dry their products before firing therefore using no energy
  • We buy pottery from small suppliers who employ local people and put money into the local economy, we rarely buy from large, shareholder owned corporate businesses
  • We try at all times to buy in full pallets of goods to assist transporters in fuel efficiency

Regarding the shipping of our goods, we try to minimalise the amount of packaging we use in the following ways:-

  • We try where possible to use second hand boxes, and when we do we buy them by the pallet full if possible
  • We try to cut the box down to fit the goods being sent when possible to minimise packing materials
  • We use lots of second hand foam, polystyrene, bubblewrap and chippings that would otherwise go to landfill
  • The bubblewrap we buy is No.4 recycleable
  • We buy bio-degradable packing chips that will degrade naturally being made of corn starch