Earthenware clay diyas are a traditional oil light that is still used all over Asia. Sometimes called a butter lamp as the pot uses ghee as a fuel for the cotton wick to burn and give off light. The diya is native to India and is still used in many religions and religous festivals. Some of our pots have a swastika in the bottom, the traditional and very sacred and auspicious symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

We recommend the use of a diya plate or a suacer or ordinary plate when burning tealights or other combustibles in your diyas.

Nowadays these beautifully shaped clay cups are finding new uses as small receptacles for all manner of items from food to sweetie pots to soap holders and candle pots, making gifts more individual with their myriad of shapes.

As these pots are food safe you can use them at your table for sauces or tasters, or serve your restaurant food or outdoor catering in these for something different. You can even cook in them! We can print the sides with your restaurant or catering company name and you can give them away after use as a souvenir of your event.

Made by a small rural factories in India, they are unglazed and normally cannot be re-used after holding food without the correct preparation and cleaning, or you may like to put potting compost and seeds in them after use to grow herbs and small plants, the choice is yours! Also remember that India is a bit haphazard when it comes to quality control but we do take out the worst ones and put them in Seconds Corner….

Some of these pots are also available glazed in a choice of 12 colours, minimum order quantity applies.