Our tableware products are sourced in India and Spain. Samples of these products have been subjected to laboratory testing for leaching of heavy metals into the contents of the cups. Results of these tests are available upon demand but all samples have passed these EU regulatory tests and can be deemed to be suitable ‘For Food Use’. We try, where possible, to source our supplies from small independent and family run businesses.

Some of our tableware products are unglazed earthenware and therefore without proper treatment before use are deemed disposable, you cannot use them again for food as the porous earthenware can hold the previous product. You can ‘season’ the terracotta if you wish to re-use them for food but if you choose not to then you can re-use them as flowerpots, paintpots, trinket pots etc. They are not frostproof.

Please be aware that the products we supply have been formed in a mould and have been fired in a kiln. These are natural products made from 100% clay and as a result after firing they can be subject to slight distortion and twisting and also display small firecracks. This is a natural result of the drying and firing process and cannot be helped and does not affect the structure of the product.

Also, please note that as our Indian clay products are made by small rural potteries where quality control is something never heard of, there may be some small imperfections in the cups such as small chips and cracks etc. We try hard to send out only the best we have to offer but you have to be realistic as to the quality they can provide.