Earthenware clay pots are used all over the world for the serving and cooking of traditional meals and storage of food and drinks. Used on street stalls, in homes and in restaurants etc, they keep food moist and give it a distinctive taste, the taste of India!
Give your special occasion a genuine feel with these perfect shaped pots, or serve your restaurant food or outdoor catering in these for something different. You can even cook in them! We can print the sides with your restaurant or catering name or maybe the names of a happy couple at a wedding reception!
Our unglazed earthenware products are made by small factories in India, all our tableware has been tested and so has a “For Food Use” mark for your health and safety. Some of our tableware products are unglazed earthenware and need to be ‘seasoned’ if you wish to re-use them as the porous earthenware can retain some of the previous food product. Usually steeping in water for a period of time is enough. Our glazed pots are re-useable without any preparation. If you do not want to season them then you may like to put potting compost and seeds in them after use to grow herbs and small plants, the choice is yours!

Also, please note that as our Indian clay products are made by small rural potteries where quality control is something never heard of, there may be some small imperfections in the pots such as small chips and cracks etc. We try hard to send out only the best we have to offer but you have to be realistic as to the quality they can provide.